Kayoko YAMAOKA (Piano)

Kayoko YAMAOKA (Piano)



Christmas concert with Kurorchester Bad Füssing 

On December 25th, at 7:30 pm, at Großensaal in Bad Füssing, Germany 

Bach: Piano concert No.4, A-Dur

Violin&Piano Duo concert

Robert Balint: Violon

Kayoko Yamaoka: piano

Start at 8 p.m. on September 10th. 

Place: Artrium Saal Pankratius
Kurallee 7
84364 Bad Birnbach, Germany

10.12.2019 at Neukölln, Berlin

"Private house concert" 


Loeillet: Sonate No.5 (Barock flute and piano),  

Händel:Sonata E-Dur(Violin and Piano),

Beethoven: For Elise etc.

Playing for a Private showing art opening of painter:Thomas Decker

At 7pm, On 1st May in Berlin

 3 concerts at Neukölln in Berlin on 15th, 16th and 18th of December 2018. 

     At Salonlabor Bauchhund 


Piano Solo Concert 

    Kayoko Yamaoka, piano 


Sévrac: en Vacance

Fauré : Nocturne No.3

Debussy :Arabesque 

Ignacio Veillon: Klavierstück op.11 No.1&2 (The first performance) etc.


Liederabend mit Cabaret

     Arelle Ross Oberlander, soprano singer 


     Kayoko Yamaoka, piano 


R. Strauss: Lieder op.10

Alban Berg: Die Nachtigall 

William Bolcom: Song of Black Max 

Marc Blitzstein: Modest Maid etc.

Ensemble concert (oboe, cello and piano)

     Midori Kagaya, Oboe

     Isabella Branco, Cello

     Kayoko Yamaoka, piano 


Schumann: Romaze

Wenzel: Lied ohne Worte

Ignacio Veillon: Klavierstück op.11 No.1&2 etc. 

22.09.18 at Neukölln, Berlin

"Private house concert" 


Chopin: Walzer No.4 £ No.6

          : Nocturne No.1 & 2 (Piano solo)

Telemann: Concert No.2 (Barock flute and piano), 

Beethoven: For Elise

                : Piano sonata No.14 1st movement, "Moonlight"

Debussy: Clair du Lune etc. 

19.03.2018 at Zehlendorf in Berlin, Germany 

Piano solo recital!


Bach: French Suite No.6 BWV817

Rentaro Taki: Menuetto

                   : Regret 

Kousaku Yamada: Karatschi-no-Hana 

Schubert: Impromptu D899 No.2&3&4


At Tokyo Opera City Recital Hall,


Piano solo recital!!

J.S. Bach: French Suite No.6 BWV 817 in E major

W.A. Mozart: Piano Sonata KV 570 in B flat major 

F. Schubert: Impromptu D 899 No. 1 in c minor 

Impromptu D 935 No.2 in C flat major 

Piano Sonata D 664 in A major 


At St.Peter's Church in the crypt at Vienna, Austria

Piano solo recital


W.A. Mozart: Piano Sonata KV 570 in B flat major 

F. Schubert: Impromptu D 899 Nr 1 in c minor 

Impromptu D 899 Nr 3 in G flat major 

Piano Sonata D 664 in A major 

09.03.2016 at Pierre Y. About hatter Auditorium-Human Sciences Campas in Lebanon

Concert with Ms.Keiko Tanaka(flute)

Ms.Keiko and Kayoko played Bizrt,Schubert,Poulenc and Japanese Compositions. 

08.03.2016 at lassam Fares Conference Hall-NDU

Concert with Ms. Keiko Tanaka(flute)

Ms.Keiko and Kayoko played Fauré,Steckmest,Schubert,Poulenc and Japanese Compositions.